• Done-For-You Marketing Plan

    built for financials services and small budgets

    beyond social media


    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls off the website the week we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani, BPS Security
  • The Ready-To-Roll Small Business Marketing Plan

    Stephanie has built marketing plans for 1000s of small businesses. These are the strategies that have consistently worked, organized into a "Marketing Bible" you'll reference again and again!

    Three Videos

    1. How to Make the Most of This Plan - A 4-minute video on the marketing theory that the plan is based on and instructions on how to get the plan kicked off!
    2. The Secret Weapon to Continued Marketing Success - A 4.5 minute video that walks you through how to adapt the plan over time to ensure it continues working for you!
    3. How to Set Up Your KPI Tracker - A 6-minute video on how to set marketing goals and up a KPI tracker to track your results.

    Four Documents

    1. The Step-by-Step Identify Your Target Market Worksheet - A six-page target market worksheet with specific prompts to use and fill-in-the-blank steps to discover your differentiated & defined target market!
    2. Fill-In-The-Blanks Marketing Message - A three page, step-by-step document that guides you to fill in the blanks and customize your marketing message.
    3. *The Project Plan - A list of the work you'll need to knock out to kick off the plan.
    4. *The Baseline - A list of activities to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to market your business.

    * These items are provided in one-color and as a color-coded version to help with implementing tactics bit-by-bit if you'd prefer to get one strategy running, then add another, then another!

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  • Get the Plan

    The Done-For-You plan is the only affordable solution we're aware of that offers a completed marketing plan that works with small budgets and beyond social media

    And is ready-to-roll


    For a limited time, it's only

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    Four documents

    Three Videos

    One time payment

    Instant Lifetime Access


    Perfect for Financial Services Professionals!

    You're less than 30-minutes away from kicking off a badass marketing plan

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    Got questions first?

  • Questions?

    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan, CEO
  • What if you had leads opting in through your marketing for more info, regularly?

    What if, the next time you ran a sales call, that person was psyched just for the chance to speak with you?

    What if your marketing didn't fall apart and sales stagnate if you have an off-week?

    How would that transform your business?


    That's what a marketing engine creates!

    That's what this plan brings!