• The Done-For-You Marketing Plan

    that works for small business

    budgets beyond social media

    For $247


    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls off the website the week we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani, BPS Security
  • The Ready-To-Roll Small Business Marketing Plan

    Stephanie has built marketing plans for 1000s of small businesses. These are the strategies that have consistently worked, organized into a "Marketing Bible" you'll reference again and again!

    Three Videos

    1. How to Make the Most of This Plan - A 4-minute video on the marketing theory that the plan is based on and instructions on how to get the plan kicked off!
    2. The Secret Weapon to Continued Marketing Success - A 4.5 minute video that walks you through how to adapt the plan over time to ensure it continues working for you!
    3. How to Set Up Your KPI Tracker - A 6-minute video on how to set marketing goals and up a KPI tracker to track your results.

    Four Documents

    1. The B2B Target Market - A five-page target market with an overview of what you need to know to market B2B in the USA.
      (Prompts allow you to adapt it to Enterprise level or Small Business)
    2. Fill-In-The-Blanks Marketing Message - A three page, step-by-step document that guides you to fill in the blanks and customize your marketing message.
    3. *The Project Plan - A list of the work you'll need to knock out to kick off the plan.
    4. *The Baseline - A list of activities to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to market your business.

    * These items are provided in one-color and as a color-coded version to help with implementing tactics bit-by-bit if you'd prefer to get one strategy running, then add another, then another!

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  • Who does this work for?

    This DFY plan is for B2B Boutique & Personal Brand Businesses

    The Target Market is focused on Business-to-Business decision makers

    The strategies included have consistently positioned these brands as experts & driven prospects!

    Need something more custom?

  • Buy The Plan

    The Done-For-You plan is the only affordable solution we're aware of that offers a completed marketing plan that works with small budgets and beyond social media

    And is ready-to-roll


    It takes 30-minutes to get going

    It costs $247 - one time

    Are you ready?

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    Four documents

    Three Videos

    One time payment

    Instant Lifetime Access


    Perfect for Boutique & Personal Brand style companies that sell B2B

    You're less than 30-minutes away from kicking off a badass marketing plan

    Yes, seriously.


    Got questions first?

  • Questions?

    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan, CEO
  • What if you had leads opting in through your marketing for more info, regularly?

    What if, the next time you ran a sales call, that person was psyched just for the chance to speak with you?

    What if your marketing didn't fall apart and sales stagnate if you have an off-week?

    How would that transform your business?


    That's what a marketing engine creates!

    That's what this plan brings!