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    Ignite an unstoppable marketing force in your business!


    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan Rossbach
  • If You're Looking for Silver Bullets...


    You're not going to find them here.


    What we do know is that great marketing craves creativity.

    Creativity rarely happens in isolation.

    The Marketing Engine Igniter is the Solution!



    "Wow, you make me realize the best marketing does not happen solo. Y'all have sparked and shared some great ideas!"

    Jean Smith

    What's Included?

    1. Lifetime Access
      Quarterly masterminds run for three weeks on Fridays in the last month of each quarter for 90-minutes per mastermind!
      Join them all. Or just one or two per year.
      For life.

    2. 6-Week Course
      This course will guide you to build the same marketing plans that Stephanie sells for $3500 - $5000 a piece!
      See what the Course Covers Here

    3. Welcome Packet
      Stephanie has put together a welcome packet for all US-based members that includes a journal for all your ideas, some of her custom Chai Creativi-tea blend, some brain-food snacks, her LEGENDARY pens, and more!

    4. **NEW** Marketing Plan Starter
      Get a starter marketing plan from Stephanie that is already filled out with the universal tactics & strategies that almost EVERY business should be running! Just fill in the blanks from there to customize it to YOU!

    5. **BONUS** Marketing Plan Review
      For those who purchase in December, Stephanie will personally review your completed marketing plan when submitted by the end of February and provide feedback to help you implement & expand!

    6. **BONUS** Get Different Book
      Stephanie is a BIG fan of Mike Michalowicz, and his philosophy on marketing in the Get Different book aligns beautifully with her teachings of how to build a creative marketing plan - so we'll add a copy to your welcome packet as a special bonus!

    “I thought I knew my target market prior to doing this exercise! Now I realize I knew [so little] about my target market!” 

    Susan Rossbach

  • Why This Works

    After a LOT of research....Stephanie discovered that the difference between SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns...and flops is the 3 Ms of Marketing©


    Simply put...successful campaigns have it.

    Flops don't.

    Across 1000s of campaigns!!


    So now Stephanie teaches how to build your 3Ms in the six week course and we constantly refine and elevate how you implement it in the quarterly masterminds!

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    Want to know the power of Social Media Content that understands your target market and represents your marketing message?

    "I wondered how much of a difference it was really making, but when y'all stopped doing our social media content for us, we went from eight to ten calls per day, to three or four."

    Will Wightman
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    A Marketing Engine Awaits!

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    One Time Payment

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    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls off the website the week we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani
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    The Best Part? 

    We've done this Again. 

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