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  • At its heart, psychology is designed to explain the behavior of individuals based on the workings of the mind.

    Stephanie has been obsessed with psychology ever since she heard the story of Coco-Cola using subliminal messaging to increase sales by 57% (See more about Psychology and Marketing Here) Recognizing that 95% of our decisions are made at a subconscious level, she began digging deep to further understand how brands were influencing her without her knowledge. Eventually, Stephanie realized that if she could understand how the mind works to explain the behaviors of individuals, she could also influence those behaviors to help others. Using that knowledge, Stephanie began to identify what was necessary to create an environment conducive to generating a sale for a prospect who might need the product or service, but was hesitant to pull the trigger. She dug into designing marketing that speaks to the right prospect at a core level to make taking action easy and natural. And she worked through what was necessary to build a people management style that created space for those individuals to live up to their fullest potential, supporting both the business they work for and expanding their personal impact.

    After building the largest, most active sales training practice in Central Texas in 18 months, then transitioning to build an internationally renowned small-business-education organization over the next three years, Stephanie realized that there are three soft skills that small business owners desperately need to develop to thrive in business, Marketing, Sales & People Management. Most interestingly, she realized that all three arenas are drastically easier to improve with a solid grasp of psychology.

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  • Marketing vs. Selling

    Sales is how we convincing someone to say "Yes" and make the purchase. Marketing is how we influence someone to do something they weren't convinced to do previously.


    Great sales make the decision to say "Yes" easy despite misgivings based on previous experiences or lack of knowledge. Great sales builds trust throughout the process and avoids triggering fight-flight-or-freeze reactions from the prospect. Great sales uncovers needs (both perceived and actual) and shows the prospect how the solution at hand fills those needs easily and simply and makes moving forward make sense.


    Great sales is about understanding human nature at it's core.


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    Great marketing builds trust & sparks interest to dig deeper into your brand. Phenomenal marketing draws the viewer in to become engrossed in a well-designed black-hole of content calibrated to appeal to the viewer's mental patterns and keep them engaged.


    Whether you want your prospect to visit your website or purchase a product, marketing is about influence. To create that influence, it's important to understand three key things:

    1. What was the prospect planning on doing & what was their brain focused on. Specifically, what track their brain was already proceeding on so we can identify how to coincide with that track just at the right point and...
    2. Interrupt that track to become the recipient of their attention
    3. Design a new path to draw them down, also based on how their brain operates to make the path easy to follow
    And every one of those steps is about Psychology.


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