Your key to getting BIGGER results in 2017!

Most of us want to get something more out of this year than we got last year...But how do you get more out of one year than the last?

· Sales training,Time Management,leverage

One of the best techniques I've ever taught, is the power of leverage!

Ah! The smell of a new year!

New hopes, new dreams, new goals! It's an exciting time to be in business for yourself – regardless of whether you run a business, or work in sales with control over your income for the year!

Everyone I know is looking for additional ways to increase their results this year, so I want to talk with you about a key that I've been teaching for years, and am constantly learning new ways to implement!

That key is leverage. Have you ever wondered how you could, for every hour you work, you get hours and hours of results? The idea is to look at what are you spending your time on, and see what is reproducible? What can be used again and again, without you having to be present to execute? Training or promotional content (videos, books, recordings, handouts), training employees, building websites (or working with designers to do that for you), social media content posting & building, public speaking to spread your message to a wider audience.

The key to leverage is to produce it constantly! Always have your eyes wide open, looking for how you can outsource more, how you can speed up the training of those people that you outsource to, how you can work on something one time, and get multiple uses out of that thing!

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