Are you part of the 90%?

More than 90% of the population struggles with this and it is limiting their future!

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We've been conditioned!

Particularly in regards to how we think about our goals, and even more specifically, how we think about the SIZE of our goals.

There's a fine-line of course to goal setting. You want to set goals that you have a decent chance of achieving, because you don't want to get discouraged about setting goals.

But simultaneously, we limited ourselves when we refuse to set goals that will force us to stretch and grow. More than that, we tend to lose our enthusiasm for our goals when they aren't going to stretch or push us and then we wonder why we aren't inspired by our goals.

My theory is that it's because we aren't interested in achieving those goals - they aren't going to make a big enough change in our life if we accomplish we ignore it.

I consistently encourage people to set huge goals. Think bigger. Think as big as you can, and go bigger! You want to be a millionaire? What about a billionaire? Why not? Then just be willing to put the work in to make it happen. But there's no reason you have to limit your thinking.

There's something incredible about raising your thinking. Something magical about allowing yourself to think higher. First of all, I've learned that most of the time, we don't think big enough and when we do achieve our goals, we end up realizing that they weren't big enough to make us happy.

So think big! Look at what your goals are, and double them! Make this year GREAT!

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