You have two options when it comes to investment purposes....

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If I'm honest for a minute...

For years I felt like such a failure because I never had any leftover money at the end of the month to invest. I wanted to be an investor, but let's be honest, when you're in college, making less than $500/month and you've got a car payment, horse board, and have to buy some groceries to live on, there's not much to go around.

I was raised on the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series and seminars regarding investing in real estate and the stock market. So every time at the end of the seminar when they would pitch their $5,000-30,000 program, I felt worse. Everyone always said just to "start small" or put it on a credit card. Well...with a $500 credit limit that I was constantly using to cover groceries until the paycheck arrived, it wasn't like I had much of an option!

Anyone out there feel me?

Since then, I've learned something incredibly important about investing and wanted to share it with you.

That is this, you always have two options for investing. You can invest money, or you can invest time.

That's it! It's really that simple. When I didn't have the money to make investments, I invested time. I invested time in building my business, reading books, listening to as many mentors as would talk to me, and then I invested time implementing the stuff I was learning.

And boy! It was not easy! Part of the investment varied between the learning, and the implementing, and the re-implementing, and then trying to implement something else. It was tough.

But what that's done is grow my skill set to where I make the kind of money that can warrant investing.

I'm a firm believer that we ALL have control over our lives through the choices we make.

So start making choices that lead you to the life you desire!

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