The one thing I won’t start my day without….

It’s funny to me how many things my coaches have told me to do that, at first, seemed awfully stupid, and now I won’t let go of for any reason. This is one of those things!

His instructions were pretty basic:

1. Every morning, sit down and plan your day. Ask yourself what you need to add to or remove from your calendar that is or isn’t moving you towards your long-term goals
2. Write down your goals
3. Read a personal growth book for 15 minutes

I am kind of stubborn, but over the years, I've learned the hard way to just do what he tells me to do. So I implemented this thing he called a Morning Routine, but if I’m honest, I wasn’t consistent at first. The planning my day part, I was great at that, but the rest was kind of so-so.

But the more I did it, the more I loved and really owned it.

Every morning I sit down to plan my day, then journal to let all the crazy thoughts out of my head, walk myself through a gratitude exercise, and then write down the goals that I want the most in that particular moment (short and long-term), and end with 15 minutes of reading whichever of the 7-10 books I’m in the midst of that jumps out at me.

Now, I go out of my way to ensure I do this – even going so far as cutting my shower/hair routine short, or bringing my journals with me and arriving on-site an hour or two early if I have an early morning so I can still make it happen.

Why? Because until I started doing this, my days were wild! I’ve always been a little bit ADD, and I would bounce all over the place. Plus, it was harder to stay focused on where I’m going sometimes and I’d get lost thinking about stupid stuff. Planning and journaling gets all my fears and worries out of my head and onto paper so I can see how silly they are, and the gratitude exercises and goals helps me focus on the good stuff in my life (and what you focus on expands!), and the reading keeps me two steps ahead of my clients!

Try it out! Add a morning routine, adjust it as you need to to make yourself successful, but watch how your days can really transform with a little bit of focus to kick them off!

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