You can get more for your time! Here's how!

The more I use these tools, the better I get at using them, and the more return I get!
This has been impacting lives!

I recently had someone walk up to me and tell me that they have been so impressed with me and with the trainings I've offered at my weekly networking group that he's limited himself to only one football game a week to watch based on what I said.

The week he was talking about was the week I'd talked about time management tools and my favorite time management tool of all time is Leverage. As far as I'm concerned, everyone has the same amount of hours in the day, week, month and year. So how can you have two people, each of them works 8 hours a day, one of them produces 16 hours of results, one of them produces 8 hours of results. How do some people manage to be so much more productive than even the most dedicated worker? Leverage.

It is possible to get a much wider return on the time you invest in your business depending on how you invest your time. Just like we wisely (or try to wisely) invest our money for optimum return, we can also invest our time.

Either you run the day or the day runs you. -Jim Rohn
Today I'll talk about two major forms of time-leverage:

The first is hiring. By hiring an employee, you can turn 40 hours of return every week into 80 hours of return. And if you're smart about the tasks you assign, you can bring back huge return for yourself. It's a completely different topic, but start by hiring people to complete the tasks that fall outside your energy advantage - the tasks that you receive energy from completing, the tasks that get you fired up, and you absolutely love to deliver.

The second valuable technique is by leveraging the future value of time. I can spend ten hours investing in booking speaking engagements, or I can spend ten hours writing my new book. I can easily turn ten hours of booking activities into ten hours of speaking engagements, which does lead to sales and money coming into my account. But I can also spend that time writing a book that will take people an hour or two to read, sell 100 copies and generate 100 hours of return for myself not just through additional sales, but by creating added value for additional clients.

Every task I undertake, I take a minute to ask myself I could be leveraging my time better - should I hire someone to undertake the task for me? Should I be investing time in something with minimal or no future value?

I encourage you to do the same! 

The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you're the pilot! -Michael Altshuler
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