Are you quitting enough?

I recently read a book by Seth Godin that really inspired me about when to quit and when to push through!

The answer is almost always 'no'!

The truth is, we've been taught and told not to quit for so long, that it's ingrained in our system. 

"Quitters never win and winners never quit." 

-Vince Lomardi

So we persevere through the pain, through the struggle, through the frustration.

And there's a very good reason that this idea has to be pushed so hard. We live in a society of quitters. People who are less committed to success than to the momentary pain of a little more work or one more weekend worked-through. We have bred generations of people looking for the easy way out, and if the path that looked easy ends up with some challenges, they back out faster than you can snap your fingers.

So we continue to propagate the mantra of winners and quitters and frown on quitters and cheer on those who refuse to quit with dogged determination in the face of everything staring them down. 

The problem? It's just not true!

There might be a very valid, reasonable reason for pushing this agenda. But the truth is that winners quit all sorts of stuff. Winners are champions at quitting...but at quitting the right things. 

By quitting the right things, you are setting yourself up for huge success. 

I can't tell you just how much this one idea saved my business last year when I was wondering if it was worth it to push through the frustrations to accomplish the goals I am pushing for (namely, to change the way the world goes into, and stays in business). But I can tell you that once I realized that winners quit all the time, and gave myself PERMISSION to quit the things holding me back, my results starting leaping forward. 

Quitting is not Failure!

This is the first thing you HAVE to get through your head! 

It's going to take a minute to sink in all the way. But just because you quit something because it's not helping you advance your business, doesn't mean that you're failing at ANYTHING.

Quitting is a strategic tool you can add to your tool belt. The question is, what do you quit and what do you continue? 

The Question to Ask

Before you quit, ask yourself "Is it worth it?" 

Is it worth it to keep going? Are the potential rewards greater than the pain that I'm currently facing? 

Is it worth it if I quit? Can I re-direct my energy to something more worthwhile?

Quit tactics, not strategies!

Godin highly recommended having a strategy to get yourself to your goal and when you are ready to quit something, quit the tactics that are getting in the way, not the long-term strategy. 

A strategy is a long-term plan of movements with a single goal in mind. A big accomplishment. 

Take your time setting this big accomplishment! Find the one that really, truly drives you from the heart and that the rewards, once you accomplish it, will be worth every penny, every sleepless night, every gray hair, every missed meal, every tear cried, every battle fought.

Then don't quit the strategy. 

But if you're working a tactic that is eating up your time and was supposed to get you to your strategy, but doesn't seem to be doing so anymore, then quit that. Move on. And move on fast. Stop letting things hold you back. 

Focus on quitting more!

I HIGHLY encourage you to get a copy of Godin's book HERE and continue reading about how to quit and when to quit to achieve your dreams!

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