What’s more important? The means or the end?

In other words, is it more important to know WHAT you want, or HOW to get there?

I’ve asked this question to audiences across the United States

It’s funny how we all have our own perspective of what’s most important. I’ll share mine with you and you’re welcome to take it, or leave it, but my thought is that I want my followers to be as successful as possible, and I think this is a huge key to success.

Several years ago I attended an event where one of the presenters had us all line up on one side of the room and we each had to get to the other side of the room without doing the same type of movement that had already been used. I.e.: if someone walked, no one else could walk. We had to cross the room several times, and it didn’t matter how many times we had to cross, we were always able to come up with a new method to cross.

The amazing thing is that once you have an end destination in mind, human beings become increasingly creative to make that result into a reality.

Always remember that someone had to do it first. Someone had to figure out how to make your dream into a reality. There is very little that we can dream of doing that hasn’t been accomplished by someone else before us. In other words, we aren’t reinventing the wheel and the great thing about human creativity is that it’s a powerful, powerful tool!

If you can see what you want to accomplish with your life and create a definite goal you are striving towards, the human mind can come up with limitless methods for making it into reality.

Have you spent time lately really pinpointing exactly what you want out of life?

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