What Most Small Businesses

Miss in Marketing

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Let’s clear up a major Marketing Misconception…

Marketing is not linear.

I see it far too often: the business owner who gives up on marketing because it’s not producing results fast enough. The real issue here is that we all seem to have this linear (and incorrect) perception of marketing. The truth is…

Marketing is Exponential.

Now, if you’re like me and struggled with math throughout highschool, you might not understand that statement immediately. That’s ok! Let me break it down with a quick graph.

This is what we often perceive Marketing will be.

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This is what Marketing truly is (Exponential)

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In other words: marketing compounds itself. It doesn’t grow like a weed, where you can see its growth and measure it every single day. It grows like a potato: you can’t see it until it’s burst through and has been nurtured a long time.

Unfortunately, too many business owners believe that they will get an immediate return on their marketing based on how much they are putting into the marketing. They treat it like a bubblegum machine: if you put one quarter in, you’ll get one return. But it doesn’t work like that.

Here’s a few things you need to consider to create exponential marketing…

Marketing is only as Strong as the Company It Represents

Your business must be worth spending money on, for marketing to make a difference.

I’ve said it many times, and I will continue to say it until small business owners everywhere hear me: marketing is not your knight on a white horse. It’s not going to save you if your sales processes aren’t strong. It’s not going to save you if your fulfillment isn’t strong. It’s not going to save you if your company message isn’t clear.

Marketing is a tool, not a savior.

For marketing to work, you must first build a strong business. Only once you’ve built a strong business and have a plan for handling the traffic that marketing sends your way will you find that marketing makes a big difference in your company.

So strengthen your business, and create a plan for handling the leads that marketing starts sending your way!

If you can build a business that has out of this world fulfillment, sales, and customer services, you’ll be one of those astounding business owners who end up with insane marketing returns.

Plan Ahead: Don’t Throw Money Into a Black Hole

Aside from planning for how to handle incoming leads, marketing needs an additional plan. The one that most people refer to as a Marketing Plan.

The reason for this is that you need to know where to put your money: especially if you know you won’t be seeing immediate returns.

Marketing plans are imperative! Know where your target market is, what you’re going to say, and how you’re going to reach them. Without a solid marketing plan, most business owners end up spending tons of hard-earned cash on marketing assets that aren’t going to actually end up giving a return when the marketing goes exponential. If you want your marketing to take off exponentially, create a cohesive marketing plan that puts your marketing dollars in the right places.

Otherwise, you’ll be throwing your money into a black hole that won’t give you anything back.

Don’t give up!

One of the reasons many business owners give up on marketing is because they aren’t seeing results immediately.

They start a marketing strategy, and then add a couple more, and give up because they’re only seeing tiny results. It’s like the miner who gave up five feet away from a gold vein because all he’d found was copper.

Once you’ve begun your marketing strategies, don’t let non-linear results scare you into quitting! Because the exponential results that you’ll eventually start to see will far outweigh the linear results you might have gotten otherwise. Don’t let it discourage you!

Exponential return, while harder to achieve, is more valuable than linear!

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