Want to IGNITE Your Marketing & Grow Your Business

Creating marketing content for my business can feel like setting a piece of paper on fire. It'll burn for a while, but sooner or later, it's going to go out. However, if I'm smart about this, I will use that fire to light another piece of content. If I don’t have another piece of content ready to light, that flame will also go out.

Example: Take a match, and ignite it. That match will eventually burn out. However, before the flame is out, the energy and fire can be “given” to another object such as another match, paper, candle wick, etc.

To have impactful marketing, it is absolutely important to use that flame that you've lit to light the next one and so on. How do we make sure that you're not wasting time and energy in creating content for your business, that's only going to get you so far?

Consistent Marketing Message

To ensure that we are not wasting our time on projects, our team ensures that a through line of our marketing message is consistently woven throughout our content. How do we do this? By making sure to reiterate the same marketing message again, and again!

Of course, all your content should look a little bit different, but if your message is, “Hey, you as a small business owner, pretty freaking fantastic”, all of your content should revolve around a central message — this is a great way to ensure that one piece of flame is lighting the next.

Consistent Postings

A piece of burning paper cannot kindle another piece if they are too far apart! The same thing applies to content. Putting out content irregularly may cause your business more harm than good, so do yourself a favor and keep it consistent! The closer your posts, the more momentum will build. Each post can “light” the next, then that one can carry the flame onwards.

Generating ENOUGH Content

Obviously, you cannot light another piece of paper if there is no paper ready to set ignite! See, if I want this fire to really take off, I'm going to need to gather a bunch of paper and kindling. Now, I'm going to not try and light all my kindling at once because that's a terrible idea. However I am going to light a little piece and see how it burns. If the flame looks good, I'm going to use it to light the next and the fire will spread from there.

Final Thoughts

When I say that, “You want to spark a fire for your business,” I mean that you want to IGNITE your marketing. We want to get you started so that it can continue to glow and to grow and to take off like a flame to support your business growth.
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