Time Management Like You've Never Seen Before!

Just last week I did a front of the room training titled Time Management Truths and had people in tears over the concepts we discussed.
I've never seen anyone teach time management this way and thought I'd share it with my online followers too!
Time management is about choices...
This is the key to the entire concept. 
When you realize that having control of your time (or anything else in your life) is all about the choices that you make for yourself. 
You can choose to be in control of your time, or you can choose to let fate control your time. You can choose whether or not you allow yourself to get distracted or set timers to keep you focused on the task at hand and mute your phone. You can choose whether or not to prioritize work over family or family over work. 
Most people know time-management techniques and I regularly hear "That just didn't work for me."
What they're really saying is that they didn't choose to make those techniques a priority. 
Either you run the day or the day runs you.
-Jim Rohn
The trick is to give yourself enough reasons to choose to control your time. 
Think about what you're doing it for...
What will you get when you choose to be in charge of your time? 
Less stress? 
More money?
More time off? 
More time for your family?
More time for your hobbys?
What will having control of your time do for YOU?
The bad news is, time flies. 
The good news is, you're the pilot!
-Michael Altahuler
That's half the battle...
I can't tell you how many times I've heard from someone that "I've got all the right reasons....but I'm not motivated by them! I've done everything right according to all the experts and it's just not getting me to make any changes." 
I have news for you. Humans in general are motivated by two things: pleasure or pain. 
And let's be honest, the horse is more motivated by the whip than by the carrots. 
So alternatively, what will happen to you if you DON'T get control of your time? 
If you increase your stress levels, that usually leads to more sickness. 
More sickness leads to less time at work (which means, less money) and less time with your family. 
More sickness leads to falling behind at work, which means less time off from work. 
So for you to get properly motivated, you need to take time to both think about and write out what will happen if you don't get your time under control. 
Start with the most obvious problem, but don't be afraid to take it further.
For example, if you aren't able to spend time with your family, what will that lead to? Your children get less of a role model? What does that lead to? They find a role model off the streets? No guarantee on what kind of role model they end up with. What happens then? What if they end up on the streets, doing drugs and stealing? 
That might be extreme, but I've heard some pretty crazy stories from people. 
You probably have some too. 
Need help? Figuring out what motivates and drives you is a huge component of the 2-hour strategy session I offer. 
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