My Number #1 Tip for Follow Up! (This will make it SO easy!)

Every time I teach on follow up it gets the widest eyes, the most vigorous notes, and the most enthusiastic cheers at the end.
It makes perfect sense to me!

I give a lot of follow-up tips and tricks in that session, everything from how to maintain rapport to how to be different, but the number one tip I can give you is to follow up with value. 

I've majorly screwed up the Follow Up idea in the past. More than once! Getting to eager for the sale, getting frustrated over someone making me chase them. But if there's one thing I've learned, people love it when you care about them and there's hardly a better path to that than to give them something of value. 

The key? Social Currency!

I teach a concept called Social Currency. In essence, in this world we live in, everyone is looking (subconsciously or consciously) for something of value. We live in a world of "me first" and any time you can show a client that you want to put them first, it has serious impact. When you take care of other people and provide them with value (and value is pretty much anything that evokes an emotion, so it can be as simple as a smile, or a piece of advice), they will also take care of you. 

So whether you bring cookies or a cupcake, or information, or a smile, always focus on following up with value. I'm a huge proponent of give and you shall receive. Care more about your client than you do about your commission. 

It makes a difference. 

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