The Power of Gratitude

What I learned when I tried it...

Last October I had the chance to go see Tony Robbins in-person for a single-day event in Dallas, since it's always been a dream-come-true type of moment, I cleared my calendar, found the money, bought a ticket & went!

Of course, for under $1000 to see Tony live, I knew the first half of the day would be a pitch-fest from a plethora of somewhat shady looking “wealth creators.” I was not disappointed!

But when Tony got on stage,

it was 100% worth sitting through all that crap,

the money, the time, everything!

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That guy is electric and he knows how to run a room full of people, so just watching that was worth it. But he walked us through one exercise at the end of his four hours that was so timely for me, and spot-on.

During the exercise with us, Tony showed us how the heart and brain waves run in opposite directions under stress, but when they had the subjects focus on gratitude for just three minutes, the heart and brainwaves aligned (see picture attached).

That realization that focusing on what I am grateful for actually creates a physical change in my body was electrifying. As the exercise progressed, he walked us through how focusing on gratitude frees up the mind to access alternative solutions to challenges you are facing.

So my challenge for you today is this:

What are you grateful for? Pick three things, and really focus on them. Relive that moment that makes you grateful for that specific thing.

And make it part of your morning routine.

Looking for an opportunity to get in the room with Tony Robbins-level speakers? Check out the GROW Retreat happening in January!

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