A better way and place to network...  

The most common complaint...

When I talk to networkers is that the people attending the majority of networking events tend to be broke and desperate for deals.

It's frustrating!

Over the past four years, I've learned a secret about how and where to network that creates real connections and if you're up for it, I'll share it with you now too!

Stephanie Scheller shhh'ing the camera!

The "Secret"...

My company hosts training events all the time, usually with a focus on improving one area of your business (hiring, marketing, sales, etc).

But a side effect of bringing together growth-oriented business owners, charging a higher ticket price up front, and then carefully curating the room to seat them next to similar industries & business sizes was that I was pulled aside again and again by the attendees of our last event to hear about the deals that were being brokered and partnerships being started.

See, something shifts when you bring together people who are intent on learning and growing, and they are able to open up and connect with each other and locate ways to work together to help each other achieve their goals.

My point is....

I've stopped going to networking luncheons and breakfasts. You know the ones I'm talking about! Where everyone is so busy playing business card bingo and pitching their own company that they aren't paying any real attention to you.

Instead, I've filled my time and budget with attending paid (and the higher the price-tag, the more inclined I am to really look at it) training events. It becomes a way to help myself grow, but I also know that the price tag will automatically filter out the broke, desperate networkers and I will be surrounded by the people I really want to connect with: the movers & shakers!

Try it out! Look for learning events instead of networking events, and see how far you get!

Let me know if you need suggestions for events to attend, I'm always adding new ones to my calendar for myself to attend and to host and am happy to share!

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