If you want to achieve your goals in 2018, start here....

Goal achievement comes down to only two things, and let's start with the foundation!

Setting the proper goals!

You might have heard me talk about SMACC before, but keep reading because I bet you haven't heard me talk about this side of goal-setting before!

First of all, for those of you who are just joining us, I teach everyone to set SMACC goals instead of SMART goals.

  • Specific – Instead of asking to "feel better" or "love life more" find out what will make you feel better or love life more, either lose weight, or learn a musical instrument.
  • Measurable – It's easy to measure financial or weight loss goals, but sometimes we forget to measure goals like travel, learning a new language (or musical instrument). But success relies on measurability to know when you've achieved it.
  • Achievable – Setting the goal to become the next Lindsay Stirling by the end of next year when you've never picked up a violin in your life probably isn't achievable. Neither is building a $100m business if you haven't even topped $1m in annual revenue! Be realistic with yourself!
  • Compatible – Setting goals that will drag you in two different directions will only result in too much stress and one of the goals being sacrificed!
  • Consistency – If you aren't willing to work at your goals every day or every week, you will never achieve them. When you set your goals, ask yourself if it's something you are willing to work at consistently!


Before you get too far into your goal setting, it's extremely important to set goals that are personal to you and mean something to you. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of achieving a goal that sounds amazing and sexy and prestigious. We love the idea behind the goal, but instead of focusing on whether or not it means something to us, and whether or not it's something we are willing to put in the work to achieve, we focus on the result.

It's extremely important to set goals that are personal to you...

Instead, I'm challenging you to look at your current goals, are they personal? Or do they belong on someone else's list? If it's personal, you'll work towards it. If it's not, you'll wonder why you can't seem to achieve it again and again and again. As we've spoken about many times before, this leads us to associate goal-setting with failure, and then to avoid goal setting all-together!

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