9 out of 10 people that KNOW to use this tool, do not!

And that's just the stats I've been running from the people I've worked with over the past 5 years.

Now's your chance to fix this mistake...

Sometimes our failure to implement is actually about failure to understand or appreciate, and sometimes we just get busy!

And trust me, I didn't understand the power of it at first either. Most of you have heard the story of how my coach assigned me to complete this exercise and I laughed him off until he threatened to fire me.

Now it's one of my greatest annual tools to create goal achievement and I'll harp on the dreamboard until I get everyone else to understand the power here!

I come back to this every year at this time of year. And yet there are some of you reading this newsletter right now who have heard me talk about it, and still not completed your dreamboard. I get it, we get busy and it sounds a little hokey. It's easy to discount how valuable and important it is in accomplishing your goals in your life. If I hadn't experienced how much of a difference it could make for me, I would think it insane too.

All I can ask you to do is to realize that you'll spend the time regardless. Why not invest half an hour in your future to create your dreamboard?

And! If you have a dreamboard, that's awesome! Now's the time of year to update it, so this is just as timely a reminder!

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down your goals, just off the top of your head. What comes to mind first? Is it specific, measurable, achievable, compatible with each other, and something you're willing to work at consistently?


Now it's time to put it on your cork board. I recommend corkboards because your dreams will change as you grow, so don't make your dreamboard static by using paste or tape. Write it out, or print pictures that represent it (and write your goal on the picture) and pin it up where you'll see it every single day.

Quick note – make sure it's personal to you! If you are setting goals because you think it sounds good, or someone else had the goal and you got goal-envy, you aren't likely to achieve it anyhow. So set goals that are personal and mean something to you instead of just creating or inventing goals.

You got this!

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