I'm ready to share the most valuable lesson I ever learned! You ready? Read on!

It took me years to learn this! And unbelievable opportunities lost!
So I thought I'd share it for free!
So today I thought I'd share it with you guys so you can make the most of 2016!

I understand the disinterest in taking time to learn. I personally teach my clients to focus on revenue producing activities and for years, I didn't take time away from the activities that actually made me money, or the actitivies that allowed me to recover from the stress of making money. It wasn't worth it to me to take time off from work or relaxation to attend seminars or read books.I remember driving home from work one day and sitting in traffic in shock as I realized that I'd become a 9-5er. I had never intended to become a 9-5er, but I also didn't see a way out. I tried many times over. I was frustrated.
This mindset changed my life!

It wasn't until I realized the value of education that I started to create the life I'd always dreamed about. When I finally started to prioritize seminars and books and coaching, and jump at opportunities to learn, my life changed quickly. I started my own business, and the more I read, the bigger I could help it grow. I learned that I could bring the greatest minds in business into my company for $20 and that was mindboggling.

While I originally looked at education as something that I'd already paid for once, and Student loans nearly left me bankrupt, I've since realized that you can't really put a price on education because the value of education is literally as big as you make it. You can get just as much from a $100,000 college degree as you can from a $20 book.
If you put a priority on learning, your life will reflect it. To be on level with the best, you have to learn from them. Invest your time in learning and it will pay big dividends.
Action Items
    • Look around you for opportunities to learn every day. Seminars, trainings, books, find some way to keep learning

    • Set a personal growth/ education goal every month -even if it's just to read a book every month. Don't know what book to read? I've got a book club and I'll put a book in your mailbox every month and teach you how to get the most out of it!
Keep in mind that the amount of effort you put into personal growth this year will directly correlate to the changes you see in your life!
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