How to optimize your holiday workload!

The holidays are here in full-force and I will be the first to admit that it's hard to stay focused on working hard during this crazy time of year.
There is SO much going on right now....
Between decorating, shopping, parties, oh and also the whole work thing that gives you the money to pay for all that fun stuff, it's hard to stay focused!
Since my focus on on helping small business owners keep their results steady and make it to the level of success they dreamed of, and it's easy for a small business owner to take a break without a boss breathing down their back, I thought a short post with my top three suggestions would be well received this time of year!
1) Keep your goals in front of you
It's really easy this time of year to start to put things on the "coast" line and just see how the year ends if it rolls. Or to tell yourself that no one is working this time of year anyhow, so you won't be able to accomplish much.
That's a lie! Push yourself, hold yourself accountable to the goals you set for yourself and if you've already achieved them, reset and push harder! The momentum you build NOW will carry into 2016, don't wait for January 1st, or 3rd to start 2016 strong!
2) Set short-term goals for yourself
When I say "short term" I mean one day to one week goals. Be realistic and set SMACC goals (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my last blog post here) for yourself on a short-term basis so you can be encouraged as you accomplish event after event in December!
3) Reward yourself!
Let's be honest with each other, there are so many opportunities for splurging this time of year. Don't hesitate to reward yourself - after you've done the hard work. Too many people reward themselves first with the intention of doing things later. Take an extra hour and work hard now so you can enjoy the splurging guilt-free!
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