Here are three ways you can spend less money marketing your small business, while still making a greater impact.

The first step in effective marketing is to have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. This involves much more than simply identifying their gender and age range. It's important to know their family and marital status, as well as whether they have children and how old they are. Additionally, you should be aware of their housing situation - whether they own or rent, live in a house or a condo, and how many cars they have. It's also useful to know their job titles, where they work, and where they spend their time both online and offline. In fact, your target market should be so well-defined that it spans multiple pages. While it's not necessary to focus on only one target market, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of the ones you are targeting.

My second point highlights the importance of understanding your target market at a deep level. By doing so, we can gather psychographic information, comprehend their buying behavior, and identify what they consider or ignore when making a purchase decision. This awareness enables us to create messaging that resonates with them and showcase it where they are already looking. As a result, we can reduce the number of messages we put out and get our message in front of them more quickly. Knowing your target market allows us to take advantage of building a compelling emotional marketing message.

To successfully attract potential buyers, your marketing message must hold significant value for them. This can be achieved by conducting thorough research on your target audience to determine their interests and then crafting a message that specifically speaks to their needs. I personally believe in adopting a positive approach that acknowledges the customer's worth and potential and offering to assist them in becoming an even better version of themselves. Failing to create a meaningful marketing message could result in disinterest from potential buyers.  

There is a segment of marketers who believe in using derogatory messages to sell their products, where they tell the customers that they are not good enough and need to buy from them to improve. However, I don't think that approach is very considerate, and it may not be beneficial for the business in the long run. Instead, I prefer a more positive approach where we acknowledge the customer's greatness and offer ways to enhance it. To do this, we need to carefully craft a compelling and emotionally resonant marketing message based on extensive research on the target market.

To effectively reach our target audience, we need to think outside the box when it comes to distributing our marketing message. Simply relying on traditional methods like generic flyers won't capture their attention or inspire them to engage with our message. Instead, we should consider more creative approaches like using an appealing mascot, offering unique and interesting items like Rubik's Cubes, or even creating an exciting visual display like throwing fire at a screen. By finding innovative ways to communicate our message, we can avoid becoming just another mundane marketing campaign.

It is crucial to keep in mind that to save money on marketing while still making an impact, we need to invest time. This includes conducting target market research, testing various marketing messages to determine the most effective one that evokes attention, energy, and emotion, and creating unique ways to showcase our message. Merely telling someone to be creative with their marketing is not enough; it is essential to demonstrate and show examples, such as those available on my channel, to achieve better results.