A Violinistic SHIFT


For the Grow Disrupt's SHIFT Grow Retreat, I decided to perform a Csárdás piece, as it includes frequent shifts. At the beginning, there is a segment on the G string that feeds the vibe of the song. There are also shifts that happen because it is easier to play in a different position. Going beyond the E string also requires certain shifts. My favorite shift, however, is key changes or shifts in key.

Csárdás is a song where you can easily notice the shifts. At the beginning, there's a heavy and soothing atmosphere in D minor.

I repeated the same sequence 3 times at the end of the piece, starting in D minor but then switching to D major. Even though the notes remained the same, the whole vibe changed.

I want you to experience the beauty that comes with a shift. When a shit takes place, something extraordinary can happen.

I highly suggest everyone explore Csárdás, one of one of the most well-known pieces of violin repertoire. It's an amazing work with various interpretations given by different violinists. If any of you are curious, I'm happy to share my top four favorite renditions that I always play on repeat. Despite it being the same piece, each artist adds their own flair to the music to express their identity.

Grow Disrupt’s SHIFT Grow Retreat was our best yet! Please join us in 2024 for our next one, and until then, make shift happen.