Are you a snowflake?

Okay so maybe that term is a little overused these days. Seems like everyone is a special snowflake and it can get a little old, pretty quickly!

However, when it comes to your business, it's not a bad idea to be asking yourself what makes you special and unique? What separates you from your competition? I hope that this isn't a new concept for you, but I'm going to guess that, while we often know we NEED to be differentiated, very few of us take real time to figure out what makes us different.

And realistically, if you just rolled your eyes about someone else hopping on the wagon to harp on's because we still freaking need to talk about it because people like you aren't freaking doing it!

K - rant over. Back to sane Steph!

So really...

When was the last time you sat down and secret shopped your competition? Or went out to talk to some of their customers and ask some pointed questions to find out what they loved, what they hated, and why they chose to go with that company. When was the last time you sat down to write down what makes you special? When was the last time you really dug into and analyzed your competitors websites?

And if I can be real for a minute (careful – those with sensitive egos – don't read past this part!), when I ask this question, most of the time people give me the same stupid answers: "Our people." Or "I care." BS! Everyone claims that. If that's all that's setting you apart, you won't last in business.

Seriously! What was shocking for me was that when I started to try and dig in to what made us special, I had a pretty specific idea in my head and the more research I completed, the more I realized that there were actually a LOT of differences, and just a couple that really stood out as the ones that people were buying. What was funny, was that the things that people were really getting the most out of, weren't the things that they THOUGHT they were buying, and weren't even the things that I thought they were buying.

So sitting down to really get to know what made us different made it easier and easier to communicate what made us stand out while selling. And the better I was able to communicate it, the more comfortable my prospects were with buying.

So are you a snowflake?

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