90% of y’all know this….but don’t pay attention to how deep it runs!

Remember – everything is sales!

I’ve talked about this concept so many times, I might be about to go cross-eyed! But the truth is, it’s still something that we forget, or at least, we forget how deep it runs and how much it impacts every portion of your business or career.

It’s a simple concept. Everything is sales. We joke about this and how it applies to everything in life from your relationships to your business, but I think most of us forget that everything in your business pertains to sales.

For example, getting your employees fully onboarding with your ideas? That comes down to how well you can convince them that your ideas are the best options for them (and truly convince them – not just go with the “Because I said so” method that many business owners resort to because they are too busy to fully explain and answer questions).

What about client engagement? Keeping your clients interested and engaged with your processes and your company comes down to how well you can connect, relate and persuade them to stick around every time. How well can you persuade them to follow your processes, and be happy about it? How well can you persuade them to share ways you can improve with you?

Right? How else is sales impacting your business that you may not even be aware of?

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