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  • "I've been obsessed with marketing since college..."

    "Particularly marketing as it applied to small businesses. In college and the formative years after, I often raged against the prohibitive pricepoints of TV ads and billboards that precluded small businesses from taking advantage of the same marketing 'The Big Guys' had access to.


    "My mom ran a small business when I was in high school, so I had the chance to see behind the scenes at how challenging it can be. But I also got to see how the level of service that small businesses provide often exceeds anything from big business. Later I learned that they are also the lifeblood of our US economy as the largest employer in the country.


    "In light of these facts, I struggled with knowing that small businesses are often overlooked for their corporate counterparts, often because consumers simply didn't know that the small business option existed.


    "I'm bound and determined to change that!



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    Why "The Impact Authority"?

    "I'm a huge believer that most of us got into business to make an impact on the world around us.

    On our own lives, on our families, on our communities. And the impact we make extends so far beyond our immediate circle. By creating an environment that gives our team space to step into their greatest self and love their job and their work, we create happier, healthier employees. Those employees then go home and are happier and healthier in their interactions with their families and those around them. So by lifting up our immediate team, we create the ability for them to do the same to those around them!


    "And I realized that we make our greatest impact in all of these areas with a little understanding of psychology. So I began to dig in. I wanted to understand how to bring out the best in myself, my people, and to attract the most clients with our marketing. I tested and tested and tested, and learned a LOT about how people's brains function and how to best communicate with myself and others.


    "It was that understanding of how to craft content that makes an impact that allows my events business to double in size during a pandemic and I finally embraced the moniker my team was using for me: 

    "The Impact Authority!"

    "Stephanie gives you permission and courage to be your best self. Often times we are the ones holding ourselves back. Thank you Stephanie."

    Jean S.

  • Meet Stephanie Scheller

    Violinist, Marketer, Speaker, Event Producer, Entrepreneur!

    Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

    The entrepreneur who built a business in four and a half months!

    Stephanie Scheller took the business world by storm. After three years in corporate America, she ramped up her sales training and coaching business in only four and a half months to completely replace her corporate income and walked away!


    In 2016, after building one of the largest sales training practices in Central Texas, she realized she wanted to support small businesses in a more comprehensive way and established Grow Disrupt. Grow Disrupt now produces educational experiences to support ADHD entrepreneurs in thriving personally and professionally.


    Under Stephanie's leadership and with a keen eye on marketing, Grow Disrupt defied odds to double in size during the 2020 pandemic and has continued to grow every year since.

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    Speaker & Violinist

    The speaker who will make an impact on your audience!

    Stephanie has been delivering powerful, motivational performances for more than two decades and is regularly invited to return as a speaker after audiences experience her enthusiasm and vigor from the front of the room. She has trained with experts across the US, and stood on the TEDx stage in addition to having been booked on hundreds of stages since starting her professional speaking career in 2014. She has performed magic tricks, painted larger-than-life art, and told stories that had the audience in stitches!


    In 2021, she brought the violin to the stage with her for the first time and received a standing ovation. Because music bypasses the conscious brain, Stephanie and "Rosa" (her violin) can trigger recognition and understanding at a core level, enhancing long-term memory & implementation, truly creating an impact.


    Stephanie's brings a powerful, practical approach to marketing on a small business budget, beyond social media that will leave your audience feeling empowered and excited about the future!

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