Why educational marketing is falling short for small businesses…

This video is for those who are convinced that every piece of marketing material about their business must promote it. If you've been keeping up with this channel in the last few weeks, you've seen a lot of Stephanie playing characters by herself. We've had “the dude” showing up every so often. She also creates skits in which she chats with herself. New skits on this and the Grow Disrupt channel will include everyday situations. Stephanie will also have guest characters in her skits, where they will dive into interesting conversations.  

There is Value in Humor

She’s really excited to be rolling these out, because they can serve as an inspiration for you as an entrepreneur, one that recognizes that not every piece of content that goes out must be promotional. When it comes to content marketing, there is a lot of value in providing something enjoyable and humorous for your audience to engage with. There's actually more value in having content that's entertaining about your industry or your business than there is in having purely educational content.

Collaboration Begets Creativity

Stephanie isn't saying to stop producing educational videos, but to engage in the more entertaining aspect of marketing, you should be doing the same. Now if you're struggling to come up with content, Stephanie has a secret that may help. To generate interesting skits, Stephanie asks people what they think is funny, gives them an example of a previous skit, and then they think of ideas. Collaboration can even be achieved remotely. Stephanie records her segments, her guests record theirs, and her editor pieces them all together to create an amusing video.  

Elevate Your Marketing

It creates this kind of elevated effect in the marketing, she doesn’t want it to be Stephanie content all the time. She guides the content that goes out to ensure it's funny and engaging, all while maintaining brand authenticity. She cannot overstate the value of leveraging the creativity of others.  


The lesson here is that it's okay to not be posting something educational, you can make it funny and interesting. Lean on the people around you for that creativity because marketing craves creativity. S Until it becomes standard practice, Stephanie plans to keep repeating this. Creativity doesn't come alone; it requires a spark. It starts with something funny, goofy and silly. A moment of levity in your viewers' day may be what sparks their interest. So, get creative! Sometimes that requires you to be plugged in with different groups or with other people to generate that spark in real life.