Want Growth? Shift!

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Growing your business isn’t easy, and there’s an old adage that seems to tell us that we just have to have experience: “Practice makes perfect.” But let’s be honest, practice doesn’t make perfect, nor will it make a master out of you.

It is practice with intention that creates mastery.

Let me explain with a music example.

As a hobby violinist, I regularly practice 30-60 minutes a day. It’s my therapy and I love it so much. But when I started practicing, I was trying to fix every single little thing. The movement of my fingers, where the elbows go, how to hit and hold the note just right to get the sweetest sound, and a thousand other things while also being relaxed… Yeah, I wasn’t very relaxed.

Ultimately, I came to the realization that there was one concept that makes the violin work. When I practiced that one thing, everything else improved.

What was it? Angles.

Think about it this way: if I want to change what strings my hand is positioned above, I change the angle of my shoulder. If I want to go from first (at the end of the fingerboard) position to third position (mid-way up the fingerboard), I change the angle of my elbow. If I want to change which string my bow is sliding across, I change the angle of my other shoulder.

When I stopped just practicing and began focusing on what I needed to change in order to create the greatest impact with my practice, but it wasn’t everything about what I was doing. It was just shifting what I was doing in one little area of the violin. After that, my violin performance quality went through the roof.

It’s the same way in your business.

Most business owners know what they’re doing. We’ve gotten to the point that we don’t need to rewrite our business skills, in the same way that I didn’t need to rewrite my violin skills. You just have to focus on what matters most and will create the greatest change in your company. Your company functions just fine in general, you just need to find that shift to create growth.

Think about it this way:

A tiny shift in the tectonic plates creates an earthquake. A rockslide can be created by the move of one small rock.

So stop trying to change your whole business!

Practice business with intention, and find that small shift that will create massive changes. You understand your business, it’s time to be intentional about the way you work in it.

The right shift moves mountains, what could the right shift do in your business?

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