Two life lessons from a kids show you probably missed…

I’m going to shamelessly admit that I married a big kid!

As such, I get a perfect excuse to watch lots of “kid” movies! One that we recently got sucked into watching on TV was several of the Ice Age series and I was struck by the little squirrel (or whatever he is).

Scrat is the comic relief consistently through all of the Ice Age series just in case you’ve missed it. This crazy little ice age squirrel type creature gets himself in the most insane situations and sets off some crazy chain reactions chasing after his acorn. He’s actually so famous that, if you have seen the shows, you’re probably replaying his bulging little eyes and cute little signs and scratches, and if you haven’t, you probably have seen him at least in commercials! He’s become iconic for the series, which I thought was a great lesson in-and-of-itself!

What I realized most about this silly little animation was really two-fold:

  1. Never, ever, every give up on your ultimate goal!

Scrat has this incredible (albeit perhaps foolhardy) goal to bury his acorn. He is bound and determined, across four films, to find a place to save his food and he goes to the furthest, most insane places (including space – sorry to ruin anything for those of you who haven’t seen it) to keep his acorn safe.

In a sense, I remembered Napoleon Hill, and Winston Churchill, and Tony Robbins and pretty much every major player out there advising us to be SO committed to your outcome that it doesn’t matter what you’re up against, you’re going to make it happen.

  1. Try different methods to make it happen!

Scrat tries to bury that damn nut in the ice, in the sand, in the lava rock, on islands, in space, in trees. Pretty much think of a venue and Scrat has chased or tried to bury his nut there. He’s always up for finding a new nut and trying to bury it in a new location. His ultimate goal never changes, but when one method doesn’t work, he recognizes it and moves on to the next one.

And if we’re honest, for a character with absolutely no spoken lines to be the most recognizable character of the entire series, you’ve got to admit that that persistence and commitment to his goal has certainly paid off! So will yours if you’re willing!

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