Time Is Not Your Most Valuable Asset

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It’s time for a crusade!

Not those crusades!

Instead of an ancient war, I want to start a battle cry across the globe:

we have been misled!

If you've ever heard the phrase “time is your most valuable resource”... You’ve been lied to.

Here’s my defense:

We’ve all been told, and I agree, that money is not your most valuable resource. You can get more money; you can't get more time. That's absolutely true, but it doesn’t make time your most valuable resource.

Have you ever had one of those long evenings with tons of time, and yet nothing happened because you were too tired, worn out and drained to do anything with it?

That time is completely useless if you don’t have your single greatest asset: energy!

Think about this:

If I invest my energy into things that give me energy, it compounds on itself.

E. G., If I'm spending my time doing the stuff that gets me jazzed, excited, and energized before moving to my task list, I attack it with vigor. I accomplish that task list in a lot less time than someone who attacks the same list without the same energy.

When you are expending energy, you are spending time. But the amount of time you have to spend on a project, as well as your level of results, relies on your energy levels.

Further, when I am in high energy mode, I draw in people that have the same drive and energy toward the same goal. Those people can help me achieve my goal, so when my energy is high, I exponentially increase my ability to maximize my time. This concept applies to everyone.

So what’s my crusade?

Stop pouring your energy into the things that leave you drained!

There is no way to continue pouring your energy into something that leaves you drained on a regular basis. It is detrimental to your health.

I had a coach once that exhausted me. At the end of every single session I was worn out from the work we were doing and he wasn’t a personal trainer! The work we did on mindset was so exhausting because of his coaching style that I only made it through a couple of months before I fired him and moved on.

Start focusing on finding what creates energy for you.

That could be at work or at home. It could be cutting people from your life who leave you beyond drained (like friends you just feel exhausted after hanging with).

It starts by looking at where you’re spending your energy -- people-wise and time-wise -- and then making movements toward doing the things that are keep you jazzed up and full of energy.

Keep in mind that your energy production level doesn't always have to be super high: you don't always have to operate at a level 10. You can operate at a level three or four energy wise as long as you’re creating more energy for yourself.

Example: I paint. It's not something that I do vigorously. I'm not dancing around with my paints, but it's restful and rejuvenates me for the next task.

If you can do things to recover, rebuild, and keep your energy high, you’ll drastically increase the impact you are able to make!

So let’s change the conversation. Life isn’t about making the most of your time. It’s about making the most of your energy!