Success Tips: What Works Today and Tomorrow!

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It’s the middle of one of my favorite times of the year: Speaker Selections for the Grow Retreat.

During this process, I’m vetting dozens of speakers and typically read their books as well. Today I want to share one particularly amazing conversation I had with a potential speaker…

The Conversation

Dr. Ruth wrote a book wherein she interviewed a ton of insanely high performers: Astronauts, Olympians, major business players, politicians, etc. In the first two thirds, she lays out what these people found worked for them to create success. Their exact process. And then in the last third of the book, she teaches people how to apply what works for them: not an exact process, but a process that helps them find out what works for them today and for tomorrow.

The Concept Applied

The reason this part of her book really struck me is because it related to how I started my business.

When I started my business, I did what a lot of people do: read books. I read a ton of books to apply in my business for today, and for tomorrow. What I got was those specific author’s versions of what the process to success is. Not the general concept, the exact process. 

The crazy thing was, I was never as successful as them when applying their processes. 

I found it so frustrating until I realized that unique challenges call for unique solutions and unique processes. 

Here’s the thing…

My processes probably won’t work exactly for you.

For Example, I’ve had a ton of people ask to see my morning routine and success schedule. I have no problem sharing it, but I always couple it with this statement: “Take what works for you and leave the rest of it behind.”

Because my success schedule is built for me. Specifically for me. To play off of my strengths and to account for my weaknesses. Not everything is going to work across the board. No two situations are alike, and, as Dr. Ruth mentioned to me in the conversation that sparked this article, you aren’t even the same person today that you’ll be in 2 years. 

Something We Need to Discuss More

The fact of the matter is that it takes time, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness to know what you need today and to also know that you might not need it in a year. 

If you really want to grow your business (and find success for yourself), it’s worth it to invest in being able to figure out what lenses to see everything through at which time: because every business and every person is unique, so your best bet is to determine what works today and come back to it in a year to see if it still works. Ultimately…

Take what you need, and leave the rest behind: your unique business requires a unique approach.

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