One of my favorite marketing tactics that is mission critical now!

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There is one marketing tactic that I’ve applied recently that has become mission critical for my marketing: Journaling!

But not just ANY kind of journaling….journaling with purpose!

If you know me, you may be laughing at that. I am known for having too many journals. I see a cool journal and buy it, not thinking about the fact that I have 20 some-odd nice, untouched, leather journals at home. I have a huge journal collection and I love them, but this marketing tactic is more about what you do with it than the journal itself.

The Concept

The basic concept behind this tactic is that great ideas spring up everywhere, but most of them get forgotten and left behind. So what if you could grab all of those great marketing ideas and put them into action? Obviously your marketing would take off!

That’s where the journal comes in. Think of it like a dreamcatcher for great marketing ideas.

The Application

To put this concept into action, you’re going to need to start carrying a journal around with you everywhere.

For our Marketing Engine Igniter clients, they get a small journal perfect for travel in their welcome box. But you can make this any journal you want! Start bringing that little journal and a pen/pencil around with you everywhere, and jot down those great ideas when you hear them. You don’t have to write a ton of details, your brain will remember the details if it’s reminded of the concept itself. Just get the marketing idea on paper and tuck the journal away.

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Later, when you’ve gotten home or had a chance to sit down at your desk, take time to add the ideas from your journal to an official list of marketing campaigns. As soon as you do that, you begin the process of developing marketing that is beyond what anyone in your realm of influence has ever seen.

The Example

I will say, I got teased by my husband for doing this!

It is definitely unusual, and my hubby asked me why in the world I was bringing it on our lunch and shopping date. But the truth is, great marketing ideas come up at the most random times: in the supermarket, on the road, entering a store, etc. Keeping this journal with you every single place you go helps you never miss out on a great marketing idea.

Even if it’s a concept you’re not sure about, jot it down! It may spark something amazing down the road.