How to Maximize Your Time

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The single biggest obstacle to maximizing time as an entrepreneur is to understand the value of time.

Stephanie Scheller

Entrepreneur's rarely understand the value of their time.

The reality is: this topic has been beaten to death at this point!

But we keep talking about it because too many entrepreneurs still do not value their time properly. I know this because as humans, we track what we value and there are only a few entrepreneur’s that I know of that vigorously track their time.

Some entrepreneurs don't even track where they spend their money and then wonder why there's no money at the end of the month week to pay bills.

When we value something, we track it.

Period. Full stop.

If there is someone in your life that you care about, that you value, (a spouse, a family member, a pet, a friend), you keep track of where they're at. Not possessively like a crazed girlfriend, but you have a pretty good idea of where they are and if you had to document it, you probably could do a pretty good job.

For example, I know that if I haven’t heard from my husband by 5pm that he’s on his way home, something is wrong! I know that he drives around San Antonio & the surrounding areas all day for work but I don’t need a map of where he goes every day. I know that he leaves here by 6:45am and is home by 6pm at the latest, and that he texts me when he leaves every day. I've never documented that till now, but...

I know because he matters to me.

What we spend our attention on is what matters most to us.

And there are too many entrepreneurs out there who just don't pay attention to their time and then wonder why they don't have time to accomplish the things they need to be accomplishing in their business and in their life.

One of the biggest changes that I made in my business was a change I made on my calendar. I started blocking time out every single week to work on the business and to work on future activities (activities that may not pay out today, but will pay out tomorrow or the next day).

I learned, by tracking my time and finding areas where I was wasting my time, that I have a tendency to put working On the business off and suddenly it's the end of the quarter or the end of the year, and I haven't done anything!

Once I started tracking time spend on my business, I realized that I had to start blocking that time, and protecting that block of time against all the miscellaneous To Do that crop up every single day. I learned to say No to meetings that aren’t going to get me anywhere.

So the question is, does your time truly matter to you?

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