How to Distribute Your

Marketing Message: A Case Study

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I’m running a series of case studies over the next few weeks to take you inside the world of marketing and give you a backstage pass to the information and strategies we (at Grow Disrupt) use when working with clients.

This Week: Distributing Your Marketing Message with BPS Security

I’d been contacted by a security firm that had an opportunity to break into the high-end corporate world.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had presented itself to them: taking over the security for a major corporation. And they wanted help designing the sales presentation. It went extremely well, and after landing the deal, they returned! The corporate office had continued to hand new locations to my client and they had quickly broken into new levels with their business. But everyone knows that a business dependent on one client is unstable, and that’s where they were at. So why did they come back to us?

They needed to break into the high-end corporation world, and diversify their high-end client base. 

But they had a couple challenges.

Their Mom & Pop brand, built to serve both residential and commercial clients, wasn’t going to recruit the larger clientele they needed in order to balance the business.Additionally, their marketing strategies (placemats at the local taqueria) weren’t going to speak to the high-end customer either. 

In the interest of recruiting additional high-end clients, they reached out to develop a solid marketing strategy. 

We started, as always, with the Target Market research and created a psychologically-appealing Marketing Message (Which, interestingly enough, didn’t need a 100% revamp! Instead, they needed a tweak to help it communicate with their new target market). Once those were finished, we were free to move on to determining how to communicate that marketing message.

Communication Style is Key!

I constantly remind my clients that it’s less about what you say and more about how you say it, especially when speaking to the high-end market. Is pricing important in the corporate world? Absolutely! We knew that our client was almost always at a better price point due to their technology, but we also knew that pricing isn’t the end of the conversation. We decided to focus on showing our prospects that we understand them and care about them and their needs, beyond just a great price-point. 

How We Communicated

We started by redesigning their web presence and brand. 

Their target market are busy, wearing-too-many-hats managers or administrative assistants. Therefore, a clean brand that spoke of professionalism, strength & clarity was necessary so the individual assigned to do the research for a new firm (I. E., the managers and administrative assistants) could feel confident putting us forward as the clear choice. We cleaned up the website and coordinated a photoshoot to ensure the website felt personalized, but executive.The entire site was designed with a funnel built in to take visitors from one page to the next seamlessly, and communicate our entire brand promise in under 7 minutes. 

Next we tapped into their custom built CRM and designed a streamlined series of customized contacts for each prospect.

Each step was automatically triggered by contact initiated by a prospective client, and customized based on the information they gave. The funnel that followed was high-touch, personalized attention, and focused on prompt responses to make it easier for them to do their jobs. We focused on ensuring that the branding was consistent across the board, and our messaging followed the prospect across the internet with retargeting ads.

Finally, we created PR where the prospects were so our client was constantly on their prospect’s minds.

The more often you see/are exposed to something, the more reliable and safe you feel around it. Even if it’s not the most safe thing! So we decided to use this psychological phenomenon to our advantage. To help potential clients feel like our client was reliable and everywhere, we focused on creating tons of  PR in each identified Keystone city (cities that these clients were likely to be).This got our client in front of potential clients all the time, and made them more comfortable with trusting the security firm.

At the end of the day, our goal was to create a solidly designed and executed brand that made it easy for prospects to retrieve information.

We knew this would help them feel secure in their decision to hire BPS Security, and then stayed with them after the initial research and until they were ready to pull the trigger on the sale.

Backed by an extremely smart and on-point sales system brought to the table by our client, the firm leapt from a multi-six-figure to a seven-figure and then is well on their way to eight-figures in under two years. Most important, they can confidently step into any market and any corporate office with a marketing strategy and brand that backs up their brand promise of Upholding a Higher Standard.