How to Balance Two Brands at the Same Time (How to Balance a Personal & Business Brand At the Same Time)

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could have two profiles on social media because you manage two distinct brands, you're not alone. As someone who runs both the Stephanie Scheller brand and the Grow Disrupt brand, I often get asked how I blend these two identities together. While I won't claim perfection, I've figured out how to make it work in a memorable and effective way. Here, I share my insights to help you do the same.

Finding the Through Storyline

The Importance of a Through Storyline

The key to balancing two brands is finding a through storyline—a single narrative that connects both brands seamlessly. For me, it became clear when I realized that our events were the connecting thread between Stephanie Scheller and Grow Disrupt.

How I Found My Through Storyline

With Grow Disrupt, we host educational events tailored for ADHD entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses in ways that suit their unique cognitive styles. On the Stephanie Scheller side, people engage with my marketing expertise because of my extensive background in small business marketing and the success of our events. Once I identified the events as the focal point, I crafted a story around how they bring value to both brands.

Practical Steps to Develop Your Storyline

  1. Experiment and Learn: Start small by attending networking events and talking about your brands. Observe people's reactions—where they light up and where they tune out.
  2. Practice Telling Your Story: Repeatedly share your story and refine it based on feedback. Watch for engagement cues and adjust your narrative to make it more compelling.

Harmonizing Your Branding

Ensuring Visual and Conceptual Cohesion

Beyond the storyline, your visual branding—colors, logos, fonts—must harmonize. Mismatched brands can confuse your audience and undermine your credibility.

My Approach to Branding

The Stephanie Scheller brand was built as an extension of Grow Disrupt. This intentional design allows both brands to coexist visually, whether on a website, social media, or marketing materials. If your branding clashes, it might be time to refine one brand before introducing another.

Invest in a skilled graphic designer to help create a cohesive visual identity for both brands. If budget constraints are an issue, focus on solidifying one brand before expanding.

Maintaining Consistency

The Role of Consistency

Consistency is crucial once you have your storyline and branding in place. Your two brands should appear together across all platforms consistently.

Strategies for Consistency

  1. Unified Presence: Ensure your brands appear together on social media, websites, and marketing materials.
  2. Regular Updates: Keep both brands active and updated regularly. Consistent engagement helps reinforce your through storyline and maintain audience interest.

The Benefits and Challenges

Perks of Managing Two Brands

Balancing two brands can stabilize income streams and strengthen your market presence. It allows you to tell two compelling stories that resonate with a broader audience.

The Challenges

Balancing two brands is not without challenges. It requires time, patience, and strategic planning. Remember the advice of a speaker at one of our events: "Doing two things at once is not two times harder; it's ten times harder." Focus on establishing one brand before launching another.

Final Thoughts

Balancing two brands—whether personal and business or two personal brands—requires finding a unifying storyline, harmonizing your branding, and maintaining consistency. It's a process that takes time and experimentation. Cut yourself some slack, enjoy the journey, and keep refining your approach.

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