How and Why to use DISC for Small Business Marketing

Take a moment and think about how people communicate. Specifically, how you communicate versus how your ideal buyer communicates? Including that information in your marketing message will make an enormous difference in how much response and engagement you receive.


DISC in Marketing

It's not often that I bring up the importance of the DISC training and personality types when marketing your small business, but I'd like to address it quickly. I am DISC certified, and I use this knowledge to manage myself and my team. However, I also use it when designing marketing for myself and our clients. Marketing is all about communication, and this is crucial.


Understanding Your Audience

My goal is to be able to understand our ideal buyer. What is their communication style, and how do I design content that speaks to their unique communication preferences? Once I understand their style, I know how to communicate effectively.


Personality Types & Their Preferred Styes

I know I must keep things short and sweet when speaking to a high D. I also need to make sure I am appealing at least a little to their personal side. When dealing with an SC, I need to be able to slow things down, use longer sentences, relax, breathe deeply, and connect with them personally. They need to feel that it's important for me that they feel seen and heard. If they're a C, my data must be crisp, clear, without any logical fallacies or flaws. There are a variety of communication styles and being able to integrate them into my marketing strategy has been critical for our growth.


Platform Specific Styles

Many do not realize the importance of understanding the primary communication styles on various platforms. For example, over the weekend, I was working on a video to post on TikTok. When we initially wrote the sketch, we had included longer verbiage to include on the screen. When I was putting the video together in the app, I realized that this phrasing wouldn't work for TikTok, but would be more useful for YouTube short. I rewrote everything to fit the shorter, snappier, funnier language style that is common on TikTok.


The Challenge

How people communicate is something that I want to encourage you to take a moment to think about. Specifically, how you communicate versus how your ideal client communicates? Incorporate that information in your marketing messages because I guarantee that it will make a massive impact on the amount of interest and responses you receive.