Do you have these two basics in place?

Sales is the basis of every successful business!

When it comes to creating a successful business, it doesn't get much more basic than having a solid sales set-up!

I’ve been teaching since the beginning that two pieces of your sales process should be as automated as possible and it’s one of the first keys that I teach. That said, these are also two of the pieces that have the biggest reward, and get ignored the most.

Why? Because they are freaking HARD to get in place!

But when you figure out how to automate your lead generation & follow-up, the rewards far out-weight the effort. Imagine getting deals that come through, without you spending all your time chasing people down, or trying to find leads. How much time do you spend on those two each week? What could your sales look like if you could delegate those hours to closing deals instead?

Why? Because automating follow up and lead generation is freaking HARD to get in place!

The premise behind both of these are similar: Figure out how you can set something up that will either execute the follow-up for you, or will generate leads without your regular involvement.

About Lead Generation...

For Lead Generation, two of my personal favorite ‘automated’ tactics are as follows:

  • Fishbowl – this technique can be done one of two ways: either by setting up a fishbowl giveaway at locations around town and collecting cards once a month, or by offering a giveaway at networking events you go to or speak at in exchange for business cards. My preference for “automated” leads, is really the first option because I’ve seen 150+ warm leads get generated with only a couple of hours of driving around town to pick up cards once a month.
  • Landing pages – the great thing about this idea is that when you get the landing page up, all you have to do is drive traffic by promoting it on your social media channels, on your card, or on whatever material you are passing out. In essense, you are doing nothing more than normal (posting on social media and driving people to check out your profile or passing out cards) and if your landing page is well designed, you

There are tons of options to create automated leads. Got some cool ideas, or questions on how to implement these, join my facebook group Here and let's start a conversation!

Regarding Follow Up...

For your follow-up, the biggest key to creating automated follow-up is to plan how you want to follow up for each of your categories ahead of time. How do you want to follow up with a generic lead? How do you want to follow up with a lead for your top-tier product or service? How about for your generic product or service? How do you want to follow up if they say ‘no’ to the appointment? How about if they say ‘no’ after the appointment and pitch?

It takes time, but if you will sit down and plan it out, write out your emails and voicemail scripts, arrange for the emails to go out automatically through your CRM (customer relationship manager), and can even coordinate gifts, voicemails, cards, and so much more if you just cultivate the right relationships with vendors.

Really want to automate it? Build a relationship with a local vendor and get them access to your CRM. Build out your funnel inside the CRM so it automatically moves the prospect from stage to stage (I.e. receive an email to receive a plate of cookies) and alerts the vendor when to send out the cookies!

Yeah, scary cool stuff, right?

So what are you waiting for!? Go!

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