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Creating allies from enemies!

This isn't a new topic for me to discuss....

But it still amazes me how many people seem to hit this wall!


Recently, my coach came to me laughing his head off. He explained that his new assistant had come to him griping about those “damn gatekeepers.” It reminded me of how very present this issue still is.

Now my coach had an option readily available and gave a copy of my book to his assistant, but since it keeps coming up, let me break down one of the biggest keys to getting past the gatekeeper.

It’s simple. Whether you’re facing the spouse or the assistant, the tendency is to treat them like an obstacle to be overcome. After-all, they are standing in between you and a paycheck! If you could just get to the boss, or spouse, your skills of persuasion and the amazing offer you bring to the table would be more than enough to overcome resistance & seal the deal.

Or something to that effect.

In truth, that person standing between you and your key to success, is actually the best thing you could ask for. That gatekeeper obviously knows their boss/spouse pretty well and vice-versa. They are probably friendly with each other to an extent, and that gatekeeper knows the decision maker better than you can hope to after one or two meetings.

It could be because I try to be friendly to everyone I meet now, but that attitude of just trying to be friendly, and prioritize the gatekeeper, pay attention to them, focus on them, and for pete’s sake, just LISTEN to them is one of the greatest keys to transforming the gatekeeper from your greatest enemy into a most valuable ally.

Make them your friend first, and the gatekeeper second. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get.

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