Attention Beats Marketing and Consistency Is Key

 One of the things that drove me crazy when I first met Jesse Cole in 2019 was when he told me that attention beats marketing every time. Being a marketer, I was a little offended. In my mind, getting attention is the entire point of marketing!

Getting Attention

According to Jesse, putting out marketing, like having a website or distributing ads, doesn’t benefit your business unless you are doing something to draw people's attention. The more I thought about this concept, the more I agreed with Jesse. Getting attention does beat marketing.

Wasted Efforts

If you aren’t getting engagement from your marketing efforts like establishing a website, setting up a landing page, putting out advertisements, or posting freebies on social media, does it matter? The reality is it doesn’t; it won’t make any difference for your business.


Getting attention once is not enough to help your company grow. I used to believe that getting the right PR placement, such as a news program or radio station, would assure my company's success. After realizing one PR placement and wouldn't do much, I came to the conclusion that the consistency of having attention was of far greater importance.


I know people must build trust with me and my brand. It's not enough for people to have heard about me or my company, and just because people have heard of me doesn't mean they'll look me up until they've heard about me repeatedly. Literally over and over. Jesse Cole taught me if I cannot keep people's attention, my business won't benefit.

My question for you is: What will you do this week, the next, and the next to get attention?