• The Marketing Engine Igniter

    Tired of creating endless social media content that gets nowhere?

    Frustrated with trying to balance limited marketing budgets?

    Overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, at the amount of strategies to implement?


    Plug into this lifetime mastermind access + six-module course!


    Ignite an unstoppable marketing force in your business!


    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan Rossbach
  • “If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.”

    - Henry Ford

    To move you beyond what you'd normally get, Stephanie has created an abnormal program.

    "Wow, you make me realize the best marketing does not happen solo. Y'all have sparked and shared some great ideas!"

    Jean Smith
  • Your Marketing should create Exponential Growth!

    Linear Growth Marketing = Imaginary

    Exponential Growth Marketing = AMAZING

    "This process has brought me so much clarity!"

    Cindy Hochart


    Shrink how long it takes to get in front of your ideal audience


    Create a strategy to design content that resonates


    Identify what strategies to implement, and what to eliminate

    - Stand out - Get results - Create Impact! -

  • But exponential marketing doesn't happen in isolation, and it craves creativity.

    Community sparks creativity


    Plug into a lifetime of quarterly masterminds to help tap into your inner creative and design exponential growth marketing plans.

    “I love sales & marketing now!” 

    Daphne Sohocki

  • Wait...so what is this?

    Fair question!
    Purchasing the Marketing Engine Igniter grants you membership to an incredible group of business owners.
    You'll have lifetime access to the six-module course to revisit it as many times as you want and...
    Every quarter, you'll have the opportunity to join a mastermind where we'll work on creative marketing ideas for the participants businesses as well as facilitate accountability to complete the course and make an impact.

  • What's Covered?

    Module 1:

    Keys to Marketing   


    Common Mistakes to Avoid Setting Accurate Marketing Goals The 3Ms of Marketing Introduction

    Module 2:

    Target Market Research   


    Building a Target Market

    Completing Market Research

    Using A/B Testing

    Module 3:

    Building a Marketing Message   


    Crafting Your Marketing Message

    Designing Your Brand Character

    Creating Persuasive Marketing

    Module 4:

    Auditing Your Marketing Assets   


    Marketing Plan Overview

    Completing an Asset Audit

    Designing a Revenue Generating Website

    Module 5:

    Choosing Marketing Techniques   


    Common Techniques Explained

    Researching Effective Techniques


    Module 6:

    Building The Marketing Plan   


    Building a Baseline

    Putting it All Together

    The Secret Weapon

    “I thought I knew my target market prior to doing this exercise! Now I realize I knew [so little] about my target market!” 

    Susan Rossbach

  • Why This Works

    This six-week mastermind + course walks you step-by-step through finding & using the 3Ms for your marketing, and uncovering creative methods for marketing that stand out.

    Want to know the power of Social Media Content that understands your target market and represents your marketing message?

    "I wondered how much of a difference it was really making, but when y'all stopped doing our social media content for us, we went from eight to ten calls per day, to three or four."

    Will Wightman
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I get stuck in the program?

    Will I lose access if I don't finish the course/mastermind in the allotted 6 weeks?

    What if I don't want to do it myself?

    What if I don't finish the course at all?

  • Straight from Stephanie!

    Some background...

    "I've been working with small business owners on their marketing for more than a decade, many times on campaigns that were identical in terms of industries, tactics and launch times, but produced completely different results! I always questioned what made the difference. Why did one campaign produce 50-60 calls per month, and the other produced 1-2?


    "I organized the information I collected over hundreds of marketing campaigns into the 3Ms of Marketing©, but over the past few years, I've come the realization that just knowing what makes marketing work, or not, isn't enough! Small business owners are overwhelmed at how many marketing tactics exist, how much work it takes to weed through the craziness, and frankly, at how to put together a comprehensive marketing plan overall! 


    "And let's not forget that great marketing craves creativity, but it's nearly impossible to land on the best creative ideas without help!


    "For years we designed Done-For-You Marketing Plans for $3000 - $5000 apiece and brought both the creativity and the practical application, but that's made them inaccessible for most small business owners. 


    "After years of examining the problem, I'm proud to have organized How to Build A Marketing Plan into a single, six module course, and had the idea to pair it with lifetime access to live marketing masterminds not long later. 


    "The masterminds create the accountability to complete the course, AND the creativity to spark an engine that can't be stopped and generate incredible results in business! 


    "I look forward to joining you at a mastermind soon!"

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    "We went from a few calls a month off the website to five calls off the website the week we launched the new site!"

    Glen Bhimani
    BPS Security
  • Sometimes, Marketing feels like Boxing...

    So what would happen if the Rocky Balboa movies were written by business owners instead of boxers?