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Check out the ONE way you can guarantee success in 2017...

You WILL make 2017 whatever you decide it can be....

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The Key is to Decide!

Not just any decision though.

You have to decide to push towards your goals this year.

As Earl Nightingale said in The Strangest Secret, success is just a steady progression towards the realization of a worthy goal. That's all!

So if you want to guarantee that 2017 will be successful, it starts with setting goals.

To be clear, success has nothing to do with whether or not you ACHIEVE your goals. It has everything to do with how you progress towards them throughout the year. You may shift your goals half-way through the year, but as long as you continue to make progress towards your goals, you can consider it successful.

I've talked many times before about the SMACC goal setting formula that I like to preach on but here's a quick recap, just because we can always use a reminder!

  1. Specific goals are extremely focused. They are blinders on your eyes keeping you on ONE item, not ten different ideas.
  2. Measurable means that you have numbers included in your goals. You can't truly measure success unless you find out what numbers will mean success to you.
  3. Achievable goals are important. This doesn't mean that you can't set wild, ambitious goals. But what it does mean is that you need to be reasonable to an extent. Set goals that could feasibly be achieved. I encourage people to shoot for the moon. No reason not to! But I encourage setting three levels of goals so you can have a big, huge goal, but you can also have the reasonable goals you expect to be able to achieve with just a little hard work.
  4. Compatible goals are priority. I can't expect to achieve three goals at once if each goal will suck up 40 hours of my week. There literally aren't enough hours in the week. So as you set goals, feel free to set more than one goal, but make sure that they work TOGETHER.
  5. Consistency is the absolutely #1 key here. You can set the most specific, measurable, achievable goals that are highly compatible. But unless you work at it consistently, you will never achieve success.

Take time today to set YOUR goals for 2017 and lock in your success for the year!

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