• The Marketing Spark Labs

    Black Friday Special!

    (Part of the Marketing Engine Igniter)


    "I have been in a lot of spaces over the last five years and this is one of my favorites."

    Ashlee Berghoff | Founder, ASquared


    "It was unlike any [group] I have been part of in the past. It gets your creative juices flowing! I don't know what I'd do without these!"

    Brandon Gano | Serial Entrepreneur

  • What are the Spark Labs?

    These are a piece of the Marketing Engine Igniter program

    They are a three-week series of guided group work to evaluate, test, and elevate your marketing plan, messaging, or assets. Gain feedback from Stephanie and a host of other business owners on how to adjust your marketing so others can see your brilliance!


    Skip the learning curve

    Get to the good stuff faster

     “We had people coming to seek us out at the event because they loved

    the booth Stephanie helped us design SO much!"

    Anna, CEO

    Capri Temporary Housing

  • What do others have to say?

    Ashlee Berghoff, Founder


    Brandon Gano, Serial Entrepreneur


    Ryan Gwilliam, Owner


  • What to Expect

    Week 1: 90-Minutes

    Meet Your Lab Partners & Introduce Your Challenge!

    Whether that's needing to re-invigorate your marketing overall, evaluate a website or landing page before it goes out, build a new lead generation machine, adjust messaging, etc. You'll get your first round of feedback today!


    Week 2: 90-Minutes

    Present Version 2!

    You'll have done some testing or made some adjustments to whatever your project is during that week, based on the feedback from the group and present version 2, 3, 4 or whatever iteration you're on for a new round of ideas!

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    Week 3: 90-Minutes

    Final Revisions!

    Either show off the final version of your project, get a final round of feedback for last minute tweaks before launch, or bring a bonus challenge for help if you're done with the first challenge!

  • Access

    Ready to go? This Black Friday Special is valid for the December 2023 Spark Lab Only and ONLY available to individuals who have already purchased the DFY Marketing Plan!


    Got questions first?

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    Q4: Dec. 1st, 8th & 15th

    10am CST Weekly

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    Three weeks in a row

    Guided by Stephanie


    Perfect to test & evaluate marketing plans, messaging, and strategies!

  • Questions?

    "Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in marketing (in weeks, not years!)"

    Susan, CEO
  • What if you had leads opting in through your marketing for more info, regularly?

    What if, the next time you ran a sales call, that person was psyched just for the chance to speak with you?

    What if your marketing didn't fall apart and sales stagnate if you have an off-week?

    How would that transform your business?


    That's what a marketing engine creates!